More or Less

There are some days where the things that save you seem small. Or perhaps they're just rather unsuspecting. How passing glances at ocean waves while you drive feel surprisingly healing. Like a metaphor that your emotions are simply... movement. Or how the grayscale rain makes the green lush hills brighter around you. Remember, there is brightness around you. And barren trees that lost their leaves... Continue Reading →


To Be Buoyant

what is the key to opening this tender dance of gravity, a waltz of weight we writhe in, rather, learn? that moment when our bodies meet the ocean — as centered self surrenders, falls in feathers to the waves. from clumsy start our castled hearts beat out beyond the length of arms and paddle on,... Continue Reading →


Everything you've ever dreamed of lives inside you. It exists, anticipating and awaiting the awakening to rise. Open your eyes - to all the wisdom, possibility, enlightened, vibrant visioning and thoughts you've yet to conjure up towards consciousness. Divine comprehension at the edge of heart's expression grow abundant grounds of greatness, fertile soils with spacious maintenance; intentions thrive in patient time and... Continue Reading →

In Exchange

"What do you live for?" he asked me. "Where to begin..." I replied. I live for the human experience - the joyful elation and pain, the search for unknowable answers, and ever-unfolding refrain. I live for the aim to illuminate love in all of her manifestations, to uncover the truth at the depths of our souls and... Continue Reading →


I wonder of the very moment when buds begin to blossom, and if a seed could ever speak some sense on what it’s like to grow. An embryo’s expression, embodying the feeling: breaking dawn. Awakening discovery, uncovering so lovingly, the light all gold and glimmering growing stronger, brighter, while life before new eyes is turning on. And we; you... Continue Reading →

An Ode to the Doldrums

Oh, to be attentive for an instant or a moment to stay focused on the task that is at hand - I know I can! But still, with every try, I squirm inside, like ants are crawling down my spine! I'll fidget to-and-fro, bounce up and down, be still, then go astray from all attempts to face head-on the... Continue Reading →

Commit to Re-commitment

The human experience is so fascinating to me... We fall asleep and forget, then awaken anew, again and again. We have doubts, we have drive, we falter and then fly. Every second of every day we sway back-and-forth within this entangled waltz. It actually takes (requires, really) an immense amount of energy and effort to remember something. To... Continue Reading →

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